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Sugar Comes from Arabic

Sugar Comes from Arabic

Author: Barbara Whitesides
Publisher: Interlink Publishing
Theme: Learn Arabic - Adults
Ages: Adults
Language: English
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List Price: $19.99
List Price: $19.99
Web Price: $19.99
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This book is a user-friendly Arabic alphabet-and-culture book for complete beginners.
No other Arabic alphabet book demystifies the letters in such a comfortable way, introducing them in the English alphabetical order and using English spelling for names and words as a way to learn Arabic.
This book takes a fun and unique approach to language. Come meet the Arabic alphabet, which is actually a cousin of the English one. These two alphabets, which have become the two most widely-used alphabets on earth, are descended from a common ancestor—Phoenician. Although English and Arabic letters look different from each other, most of their sounds match exactly. The two alphabets even have almost the same number of letters: English has 26; Arabic has 28.
This book makes it easy for beginners to learn Arabic letters, and to have the beauty of Arabic at their fingertips. The quickest way to get comfortable with a new alphabet is to try writing your own name with it. With this book, you can learn how to write both common English names like Anna and Al in Arabic, and also well-known Arabic ones, like Kareem and Latifah.
Simple stick-figure cartoons show how to draw and remember each letter. Color photographs and explorations of individual words reveal important and often unrecognized connections between the West and the Arab world, such as the delicious gift of sugar received from the Arab world, which inspired the title of this work.
Along the way, you'll learn about some of the bounty the West has received from Arab civilization, including many of its words. What would life be like without sugar or coffee – not to mention lemons, sofas, satin, chemistry, magazines, algebra, and the concept of zero? All these are gifts from the Arab world, examples of words and foods, technologies and mathematical ideas, inherited from that world. Some of our greatest achievements have been built on these gifts.
Sugar Comes from Arabic is an exciting introduction to the language of more than twenty countries and more than 300 million people. The book is an irresistible way to raise cultural literacy – Arabic is too important an alphabet for it to remain foreign and unapproachable to our eyes. Soon you'll discover that it isn't so hard.

How This Book Works
This is the first Arabic alphabet book that helps users find Arabic letters easily by putting them in the familiar order of the English alphabet. Looking for a letter that makes the b sound? Look it up between A and C. Under each English alphabet letter in this book, you’ll find:
  • The Arabic letter or letters that match that English letter
  • The way to draw each Arabic letter
  • Hints for learning the Arabic letter's sound and shape together
"This innovative guide has a twofold purpose: to teach the Arabic alphabet and to provide a window into Arabic culture. The study of a language with an unfamiliar alphabet is daunting, and Arabic is particularly so, since the letters join in artistic combinations that are often referred to (even here) as 'squiggles.' The methods used in this attractive book to simplify learning the letters include putting the Arabic letters in the order of the English alphabet and matching the two, and teaching the actual writing with step-by-step drawings that fade at the end of a letter so that readers can tell when the following letter begins. Color is used effectively with bold red and black letters from both alphabets. Each English letter gets two or more pages with its Arabic equivalent, a writing lesson, and a nugget of historical or geographical information, often accompanied by relevant full-color pictures. The letter 'B,' for example, introduces Beirut, Bedouin, and borax. Vocabulary is included in amusing ways: 'Our English word mummy comes from the Arabic moomya, which in turn came from the Persian word mum for the wax used in embalming.' This book will easily attract children with its satiny pages, large clear block print, bright colors, and enticement to draw... this is a charming, accessible book for all ages. It's informative, fun, and useful."
--School Library Journal
Dimensions: (9" x 11")
First Publishing Date: 1/1/2009
Current Publishing Date:
ISBN-13: 9781566567572
Pages: 136
Format: Hardcover
Current Edition:
Run Time: minutes
Item Weight: 1.417 pounds
Code: 9781566567572
Noorart Code: BKSCA
Software Requirements:

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