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The Interpretation of the Holy Qur'an; Known as Al-Manar Interpretation (12 Books)

The Interpretation of the Holy Qur'an; Known as Al-Manar Interpretation (12 Books) تفسير القرآن الحكيم المشهور بتفسير المنار

Author: Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Reda
Publisher: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah
Theme: Holy Qur'an
Ages: Adults
Language: Arabic
Rating: Read/Write Review
List Price: $198.99
List Price: $198.99
Web Price: $198.99
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Tafsir Al-Manar was written by Sheikh Mohammad Rasheed Reda (1865 – 1935), may Allah (swt) have mercy upon him. He had died before he completed it. He reached Surat Yusuf verse 52 in interpretation, all compiled in twelve volume books.

The publishers have explained the strange words included in this precious interpretation, relying on dictionaries and by directing poetic evidence in the suitable place, as well as the Qur'anic verses and the prophetic hadeeth on the nine authentic books of hadeeth.

The author had already put many notes which represent recantations and explanations which the publisher kept in the footnote. The publisher put the word "author" in front of each note just to point out that these are his notes and not the publisher's.
تفسير المنار
تم تأليف كتاب "تفسير المنار" من قبل الشيخ محمد رشيد رضا رحمه الله (1865 – 1935) وقد توفي قبل ان يكمله. ووصل الشيخ في التفسير الى سورة يوسف الآية رقم 52 جمعت كلها في اثني عشر مجلدا.
وقد فسر الناشر الكلمات الغريبة في هذا التفسير الثمين باعتماده على القواميس وعلى توجيه الدلائل الشعرية في المكان المناسب اضافة الى الآيات القرانية والاحاديث النبوية الصحيحة في كتب الحديث.
وقد وضع المؤلف ملاحظات كثيرة التي تمثل الاستدراكات والتفسيرات التي احتفظ بها الناشر في الحاشية. وقد وضع الناشر كلمة "المؤلف" أمام كل ملاحظة ليبين أن هذة الملاحظات هي للمؤلف وليست للناشر.
Dimensions: (7" x 9")
First Publishing Date: 5/11/2011
Current Publishing Date:
ISBN-10: 2745122231
ISBN-13: 9782745122230
Pages: 5168
Format: Hardcover
Current Edition:
Run Time: minutes
Item Weight: 21.4 pounds
Noorart Code: BKTQHMTM
Software Requirements:

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