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Contemplate With Anoos Curriculum (Set of 8 Books, 27 Cards, & 1 Audio CD)

Contemplate With Anoos Curriculum (Set of 8 Books, 27 Cards, & 1 Audio CD) منهاج تفكر مع أنوس

Author: Maha Shehadeh
Publisher: Think for Educational Training and Developing
Theme: School
Ages: Elementary School
Language: Arabic
Rating: Read/Write Review
List Price: $97.97
List Price: $97.97
Web Price: $97.97
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The Contemplate with Anoos curriculum is an innovative, comprehensive curriculum for building the faith of a Muslim child, as well as his character and creativity. It was designed as a development tool to help educational institutes achieve the lofty educational goals they desire from a contemporary Islamic perspective. The philosophy of this work springs from the need of educational institutes and families for curricula that build the identity and character of children in light of our Islamic and Arab values. At the same time, this work benefits from worldwide expertise in the area of education, especially with respect to character building, cognitive development, intelligence and creativity.

The Love Series Stories
  • Eight curriculum-based stories in the level that aim to build Iman (faith) and plant the love of Allah in children, as well as increase self-esteem; presented in a cumulative way, with aid from the teacher’s guide
  • Stories in The Love series are the first Arabic stories that concentrate on modern strategies for developing creative and critical thinking during the childhood stage
  • Stories help involve parents in the curriculum in an easy and fun way
  • Each story is followed by a nasheed and additional activities for developing creative and critical thinking
The Student Book
Contains activity sheets for cutting and pasting, drawing, projects, problem-solving, developing manners, and exercises for language expression; in addition, there are pages for communicating with the child’s parents/guardians for practicing authentic du’a and memorizing Prophetic ahadith connected with manners.

The First Level of Think With Anoos: I’m a Special Person
The first level I’m a Special Person focuses on contemplating the human being: that Allah has created, formed and shaped him, the wisdom behind body parts, and the purpose behind man’s creation. The child examines the honor he has been given as a human being above other creatures and created things, and he looks towards his own unique characteristics among the people around him.
The child’s pure heart becomes attached to his Creator when he contemplates the blessings of Allah, and the beauty of His Names and Attributes.

General Goals of the First Level
  • The child feels that Allah, Al-Wadood (The Most Loving), loves him.
  • The child loves Allah, Most High.
  • He feels that he is a special person.
  • He engages in the form of worship called “tafakkur” (reflecting worship, or contemplating on Allah’s signs and creation).
  • He understands that the purpose behind the creation of man is worship.
  • He repents to Allah.
  • He remembers Allah.
  • He enjoys exploration.
  • He gives the salaam.
  • He solves problems.
Units and Lessons in the First Level
Unit One: I Love My Lord
  • Lesson One: I’m a Human
  • Lesson Two: I’m a Happy Kid
  • Lesson Three: I’m in the Best Form of Creation (1)
  • Lesson Four: I’m in the Best Form of Creation (2)
  • Lesson Five: I’m a Little Explorer
  • Lesson Six: I’m a Special Muslim
  • Lesson Seven: The Muslim Universe
  • Lesson Eight: The Star of Peace (1)
  • Lesson Nine: The Star of Peace (2)
  • Lesson Ten: I’m a Contemplator (1)
  • Lesson Eleven: I’m a Contemplator (2)
  • Celebration
Unit Two: I’m a Devoted Muslim
  • Lesson One: I’m a Devoted Muslim
  • Lesson Two: My Body’s Special
  • Lesson Three: I’m an Impressive Sun
  • Lesson Four: My Creation Is Perfect
  • Lesson Five: The Blessing of Hair
  • Lesson Six: The Blessing of Senses
  • Lesson Seven: The Blessing of Two Eyes
  • Lesson Eight: The Blessing of Two Ears
  • Lesson Nine: I Love My Place of Worship (1)
  • Lesson Ten: I Love My Place of Worship (2)
  • Lesson Eleven: The Blessing of a Mouth
  • Lesson Twelve: The Blessing of a Nose
  • Celebration
Unit Three: I’m Special
  • Lesson One: The Blessing of Two Hands (1)
  • Lesson Two: The Blessing of Two Hands (2)
  • Lesson Three: The Blessing of Two Legs (1)
  • Lesson Four: The Blessing of Two Legs (2)
  • Lesson Five: The Blessing of Clothes
  • Lesson Six: The Blessing of the Mind
  • Lesson Seven: The Blessing of Eloquence
  • Lesson Eight: I Can
  • Lesson Nine: I Like What I Do
  • Lesson Ten: My Characteristics are Special
  • Lesson Eleven: I Am Loved
  • Lesson Twelve: I Am Unique
  • Celebration

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  1. Contemplate With Anoos Stories- Love Series (8 Books) منهاج تفكر مع أنوس سلسلة الحب
  2. Contemplate with Anoos Curriculum - I’m a Distinguished Person - Names of Allah Cards (27 Cards) منهاج تفكر مع أنوس أنا إنسان مميز
  3. Contemplate With Anoos Curriculum - I’m Distinguished Person Anasheed (Audio CD) منهاج تفكر مع أنوس أنا إنسان مميز أناشيد
صمم منهاج تفكر مع أنوس- المنهاج الإبداعي الشامل في بناء إيمان الطفل المسلم وشخصته وإبداعه- ليشكل أداة تطويرية تساعد المؤسسات التعليمية في تحقيق أهداف التربية المتميزة التي تنشدها برؤية إسلامية معاصرة تنبثق فلسفتها من حاجة المؤسسات التربوية والأسر إلى مناهج تبني هوية الفرد وشخصيته في ضوء قيمنا العربية والإسلامية مع الجمع والإفادة من الخبرات العالمية في المجال التربوي خاصة في مجال بناء الشخصية وتنمية التفكير والإبداع والذكاء.
First Publishing Date: 7/1/2009
Current Publishing Date:
Remarks: Set of 8 Books, 27 Cards, & 1 Audio CD
Format: Paperback
Current Edition:
Run Time: minutes
Item Weight: 4.39 pounds
Noorart Code: CBMTATSET
Software Requirements:

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