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Who we are!

Noorart's Mission Noorart's Mission
Noorart is dedicated to educating and inspiring our Muslim and Arab youth by producing and distributing quality Educational products. Because Noorart also understands the responsibility of being a leader within the Muslim and Arab community, we always choose to employ the best business practices available.
How Noorart Began How Noorart Began
Noorart is a family business that combines the talents and abilities of its husband-and-wife creators, Ammar and Noor Saadeh. Noor previously held a prestigious position as a classical musician with performances in New York and abroad. After embracing Islam, she taught in Islamic schools through out the US. She and Ammar, who brings his business acumen to the company as business manager, noticed that children responded enthusiastically to her songs and storytelling. The couple also discovered a lack of quality products to educate and entertain Muslim children; so, after several requests from parents and teachers to record and promote their work, Noor and Ammar turned their attention towards capturing this unique approach to developing the love, pride, and understanding of Islam. In 1997, Noorart was born. It all began with Noorart's timeless classic We Are Muslims audiocassette series which set in motion a mission to deliver the highest quality and most unique products to promote self-esteem, pride in Muslim identity, and understanding of Islam for English speaking children and their families. Noorart made its name with the best selling audio series, quickly followed by Razanne, the Muslim doll, and a large selection of Islamic media for children. Today it has branched into a successful production and distribution company featuring thousands of products that offer vibrant Islamic alternatives to popular Western culture. All praise is due to Allah for His bounty and assistance in supporting Noor and Ammar’s dream of educating young Muslims. Allah willing, the Noorart team hopes to continue on with their mission and support the Muslim community both here and abroad..
Noorart, Your Partner in Islamic Education Noorart, Your Partner in Islamic Education
Muslim and Arab parents often feel overwhelmed with the task of providing an Islamic and Arabic education to their children. Noorart understands this and has accepted the challenge of providing quality Islamic and Arabic products to assist these dedicated parents through exceptional curricula used in the home or at school. In fact, Noorart has created an entire Islamic Schools division to fill the needs of Muslim educators around the US. We offer the largest and most diverse selection of Islamic and Arabic curricula available in North America. Not only are Islamic schools benefiting from these extraordinary products, but Islamic centers and homeschoolers also take advantage of Noorart's beginning and advanced curricula.
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