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"Fantastic service and responsivenes. Great website that makes it easy to review and purchas products. Please do not change anything."
- Hussein Elkousy
- Bellaire - TX
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Noorart proudly presents Volume I of a new series available on DVD. We Love Muhammad – Life in Mecca, the life story of Muhammad, peace be upon him, most honored Prophet of Islam, beloved by all Muslims.

Captivating storyteller, Noor Saadeh, (Qur’an for Little Muslims, We Are Muslims audio series) narrates this delightful, animated storybook that chronicles the life of Prophet Muhammad (sas). Lively stories and enchanting songs accompany the visual images that both entertain and educate!  From the extraordinary events that heralded his birth to the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, your kids will learn and about, and most importantly, love getting to know Prophet Muhammad (sas) and his miraculous life story!

Talented and charming voices of Muslim children will capture the hearts of audiences everywhere. You’ll find yourself singing along with these inspiring songs AND singing the praises of Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Check what other parents and educators said about this marvelous production!

Kids Will Love Learning About Prophet Muhammad(s)!

50 Minutes running time includes:
  • Episode 1:The Birth of Muhammad; Life as a Special Child; Bahira and the Signs of Prophecy; Muhammad's Marriage to Khadijah.
  • Episode 2: Muhammad Called Al Amin; The Solution for the Black Stone; The Revelation of the Holy Qur'an.

Original Score and Story Adaptation:
Noor Saadeh

Ameed Abdelhafiz
Vision for Art Productions.

About the Artist
Noor Saadeh has a rare and unique talent for understanding how children think and learn. Her audio series of We Are Muslims & Qur’an for Little Muslims have become classics throughout the Muslim world. Sister Noor artfully blends information and entertainment, captivating young and old alike. Audiences sit spellbound by her stories and irrepressibly tapping their toes to her songs.
Each story and song is infused with her zest and enthusiasm for all things Islamic. Most importantly, children respond wholeheartedly to her sincerity and love. If it’s from Sister Noor, it’s refreshing, relevant and unique.

From A to Z;
Noorart Productions are a one-man show.
Ever wonder what goes into our audio series?
Research; writing the story; review by Islamic scholars; composing the music; recording narration; recording instrumentation; talent search; rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal!; song recording; voice recording; sound effects; all masterfully engineered into the captivating stories and songs your children have come to love. We ask you kindly to buy only original products!

Customers' Testimonials
"We Love Muhammad DVD not only educates, it entertains! As an educator at a Islamic school I use this wonderful DVD to re-enforce Muslim values to my classes. The children are mesmerized by the clever stories and delightfully catchy songs! What I love best is the entertaining format that the children can relate to and understand!" Paige Benyacoub
"My daughter just got this dvd as a gift at Eid and she absolutely loves it.
Other testimonials
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List Price: $19.99
Web Price: $10.00
You Save:
Nasheed are a great way to teach your kids about the religion. In this tape, children learn Islamic manners in an indirect way as they sing along with the lovely melodies and bouncy rhythms. These delightful tapes are perfect for the smallest children and older kids will enjoy them as well. Simple, catchy melodies are easy to sing along with and make a great introduction to the Arabic language as well. Sung by children with drums only as accompaniment.

  1. Come to Faith هيا إلى الإيمان
  2. Allah The Glorified الله ذو الجلالة
  3. Pillars of Islam أركان الإسلام
  4. Accept My Prayer تقبل صلاتي
  5. I Don't Eat When I Am Full لا آكل عندما أكون شبعان
  6. Our Great Prophet رسولنا العظيم
  7. I Love My Neighbor أحبّ جاري
  8. I Love My Family أحب أسرتي
  9. My Religion Teaches Me ديني يعلمني
  10. My Little Bird عصفوري الصغير
  11. Who is like Me? من مثلي؟
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List Price: $6.99
Web Price: $3.50
You Save:
Discover the treasures of the Qur'an! More great stories adapted from nine short suras. Qur'an for Little Muslims has become our hottest selling audio series. Through captivating stories, the Qur'an for Little Muslims series seeks to impart the spirit and themes of the short suras and other verses of the Holy Qur'an. These imaginative stories provide tangible illustrations of how any child can apply the wisdom of the Qur'an throughout his day. Rather than by attempting to translate or explain the meaning of Allah's words, themes and morals of the suras are presented in story form, interwoven with drama, dialogue and sound effects. All suras are recited as part of the story and then repeated at the end of the tape for help in memorization. Your kids will want to "dig in"and discover what treasures are awaiting them!

Track Listing
  1. Al Ikhlas
  2. Al Kafirun
  3. Al 'Adiyaat
  4. Al Humazah
  5. Al Quraish
  6. Al Qari'ah
  7. Sura Recitation
 more info...
List Price: $13.99
Web Price: $7.00
You Save:
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