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Order Placement
  1. Retail customers: The best way to place orders is through the Noorart website – this is the fastest and most convenient method, and we recommend all orders to be made this way. The second option for placing orders is by adding the items you want to purchase to the online shopping cart, without checking out. Instead, print out the “View Cart” page once you are done browsing. Include this page along with your shipping address, phone number and email address, and send the information to Noorart via fax, mail or email. Orders that are not placed through the website will not be processed until payment is received through one of the supported payment options. Retail orders are not accepted over the phone.
  2. Schools and wholesale customers: The same options for retail customers are available to schools and wholesale customers. Again, we recommend ordering online for convenience and expedient processing. Schools and wholesale customers also have the option of ordering by phone.
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Payment Options
All checkout pages are protected with SSL encryption. All orders must be prepaid. Customers may chose from a variety of payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or PayPal. Money orders and checks are also accepted, but shipping can only occur after check clearance, typically two weeks after the check is received.
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In order to pay by check, e-check or money order
Add the desired items to your cart. When you are done shopping, view your cart, and choose the “estimate shipping” option to display your total costs. At this point, print out the cart page summary you are viewing. Mail the following items:

  1. printed shopping cart page
  2. your name, address, email and telephone number
  3. the check or money order (payee: Noorart Inc.) with the final amount (including shipping charges and taxes for Texas customers)

To the address below:

Noorart, Inc.
1356 Exchange Dr.
Richardson, TX 75081

All orders will be shipped after payment is received. For money orders, items will be shipped one (1) business day after the payment is received. For payments by check, items will be shipped up to ten (10) business days after the order is received. If you choose to pay using an e-check through PayPal, PayPal typically takes five (5) business days to release the payment.

For more information about Paypal eCheck, visit Paypal help center or click on one of the following links:
What is an eCheck?
How do I use eCheck?
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Out of Stock Items:
If your order contains items we do not have sufficient inventory of, the following may occur:
  1. Some items can be back ordered. A notice will appear below items that can be back ordered, informing you of the estimated time of arrival for these items.
  2. Items that can’t be back ordered cannot be added to the final order. Such items will not allow you to checkout until they are removed from the cart. In this case, you can remove the items, check out with the rest of your order, and then add the titles and desired quantities to the comments field during checkout. We will try our best to restock these items and add them to your order, but we can’t offer any guarantees.
  3. For out of stock items that cannot be back ordered, you can also use the “Email Me When Available” feature (which will appear in place of the “Add to Cart” button), and we will inform you once these items are back in stock. The email you receive when an item is back in stock in no way obligates you to buy it.
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Order Cancellation
  1. If you would like to cancel an order that has not been shipped yet, there are no fees for cancellation.
  2. If the order has been shipped, but you still haven’t received it: Refuse accepting the shipment and inform Noorart; you will be liable only for shipping fees both ways.
  3. If you have already received the shipment: Please refer to our return policy.
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How can I find an item I'm looking for?
Noorart provides plenty of ways for you to find the items you’re looking for:

a. The fastest way to search for items is by using the quick search box located in the upper left side of each page:

b. If you are looking for a curriculum to meet your specific needs, you can use the Arabic or Islamic curriculum search wizards.
c. The Advanced Search is your friend if you want to search by ISBN, publisher or author.
d. You can browse through the main categories according to what you're looking for. For example, if you are looking specifically for books suitable for your 7-year old child, browse through "Shop by Age >> 4 - 8 Years >> Books." Or if you are looking for items focusing on family, check "Shop by Theme >> Family and Marriage."
e. Email us at info@noorart.com

For suggestions regarding an item we don't currently sell: Please suggest new items here.
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How can I get the best deals from Noorart?
a. Keep checking the site: Some of the best deals we provide only last for a few days (like deals of the day).
b. Join our mailing list: Customers who receive our newsletter receive special promotions not usually available to other customers.
c. us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions!
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How competitive are Noorart prices?
For items published/produced in the US, we never exceed the publisher’s list price. If you notice a difference between our price and the publisher’s list price, please email us at info@noorart.com. Items imported from outside the US are very competitively priced. Some imported items may be priced higher than in their original markets to cover shipping, customs, and other costs.

Remember that we also offer a special discounts for religious schools, and you can always stay up to date with Noorart special offers by joining our mailing list and checking our website regularly.
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What are coupons/promotion codes and how can I use them?
Promotional codes are specific codes you enter during checkout to receive special offers, discounts and other promotions.

Join our mailing list to regularly get promotional discounts other customers don’t receive. Please note that promotional discounts are valid only for retail orders placed on our website, and they can’t be combined with any other offers or discounts you might have; only one promotional code can be used per web order.
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I placed a large order with you earlier. Can I place a new order using the items I placed in my previous order, instead of starting with an empty cart?
Of course! Sign in using the same email address and password used to place the first order. Go to the “My Account” section on the upper navigation bar. Then click on “Re-order Items” and you will get a list of all items you ordered using your account.
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How can I get an invoice for the orders I placed?
a. You will receive an invoice by email once the order is billed.
b. You can view and print invoices for all orders you place with Noorart by signing into your account. Visit the "My Account" section (using the link in the upper navigational bar) and then click "See Orders" to see a list of all orders placed with your account. From there, you can click on an order's date to view its details. Printing can be done either directly from the "All Orders" list or from each separate order's detail page. You can also email yourself the invoice by clicking "Email" on any order's detail page.
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Do you have a walk-in business?
No. The address listed on our website is for the warehouse and employees are strictly forbidden from allowing customers in for the customer’s safety. Retail orders can be placed on the website only. Schools and wholesale orders are also acceptable via phone or fax.
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Can you gift wrap an order for me?
Unfortunately we don't provide this service anymore, but we want you to know that the packing slip we provide with the order doesn’t contain item prices or the total order amount. Invoices are only sent via email to the person who placed the order.
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How can I know that this item will fit my needs?
a. If you are a school in the US only, you can request a sample and we will ship it for you for free. Check our School Sample with Free Shipping offer.
b. Read the item details and description: We work very hard on this information to help you decide on the right items for you!
c. Check the sample images, scanned pages or sound tracks available on the item's page.
d. Read the reviews and discuss the item on the Noorart forums.
e. Call us at 1-888-442-5687 ext 102, or email us at info@noorart.com.
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What are Noorart Gift Certificates?
A Noorart Gift Certificate is the perfect gift. It is a unique, economical (no shipping costs or sending it through the mail) and practical choice. You set the certificate amount, a sale receipt will be emailed to you and another email will be sent to the recipient with the certificate amount and number. Now, the recipient can enjoy purchasing any title of his/her choice from our vast selection of books, toys, audio and video tapes.
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How do I buy a Noorart Gift Certificate?
a. Visit the Noorart Gift Certificate section.
b. Enter the amount you want the Gift Certificate for, in US dollars.
c. Enter the sender name in the "From" field.
d. Fill in the recipient name, email address, and any message you want delivered with the email.
e. Click "Add to Cart" and then follow the normal checkout process.
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How can Noorart Gift Certificates be claimed?
During the checkout process, you will be asked to fill in a Gift Certificate code to claim the Gift Certificate amount.
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Who can I send a Noorart Gift Certificate to?
Anyone! You can send it to a relative or friend, or give it to your kids or students. You could even enter your own email address and print the code on high quality paper, then use it as a competition prize.
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How to check my ordering history?
You can view all of your past orders with Noorart quickly and easily by following the easy steps below:

  1. Click on the "My Account" link and sign in (If you cannot access your account, email us at info@noorart.com. We will email your log in details to you.)
  2. Click on the "See Orders" link under the "Orders" section to view your past order history.
  3. Click on "Re-order Items" to check all items purchased before. Fill in the quantity and click "Add to Shopping Cart".
  4. Click on "See All Transactions" to view all of your past transactions (estimates, sales orders, invoices, cash sales, etc.)

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