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Did you forget your password?
Go to the sign up page, fill in your email address, click the "Click here if you've forgotten your password" link to display the password hint you provided when you first registered. If there is no hint, or if you still can't remember the password based on the hint, click on the link to reset your password and enter a new one (Note that resetting your password will result in deleting any saved credit card information for security reasons).

You will receive an email with subject line Web store password retrieval, from info@noorart.com, informing you that your stored credit card info will be deleted. The email will include a link to reset your password and clear credit card information. Clicking on the link will open the following form:

New password form

Enter your new password and hint, continue to log in, and you will then be able to continue the checkout process.
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How safe is my private information?
We respect your privacy. Noorart promises not to sell, lease or share your private information with anyone. If you decided to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, we will never send you any promotional emails. The only emails you might receive if you unsubscribe are either related to the status of your order, or regarding an issue you need help with from Noorart, or if you requested to be notified about the availability of a specific item that was out of stock at the time.

As per Noorart's partnership with EastWest Souk, we reserve the right to share all client and customer information with the EastWest Souk company and personnel.
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How can I get an invoice for the orders I placed?
a. You will receive an invoice by email once the order is billed.
b. You can view and print invoices for all orders you place with Noorart by signing into your account. Visit the "My Account" section (using the link in the upper navigational bar) and then click "See Orders" to see a list of all orders placed with your account. From there, you can click on an order's date to view its details. Printing can be done either directly from the "All Orders" list or from each separate order's detail page. You can also email yourself the invoice by clicking "Email" on any order's detail page.
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Using Wish Lists
Adding items to your wish list:
On each item’s page, there is an "Add to wish list" button .
If you are not logged in, a message with a link to the login page will appear once you click the button, prompting you to login before adding the item to your wish list.
If you are already signed in, a pop-up page will appear displaying the names of all the wish lists you created earlier in a drop-down menu. You can then choose which wish list you want to add the current item to:
Select the wish list you desire to save the item under, then click "Add". You should be informed of the successful addition of the item to one of your wish lists.
The following message will appear if the item is already part of the selected wish list:
Creating a wish list:
There are 2 ways to create a wish list.
1. When clicking on the "Add to wish list" button, you can also create a new wish list from the pop-up page that appears. Simply click on the "New Wish List" link:
If you choose to create a new wish list, a window will open to insert the new wish list name and description into:
2. In the "My account" section:
a. Go to "My account" and click on "New Wish List."
b. Type the name and description for the wish list you want to create.
c. Click "Save" and the wish list you created will now appear as one of your wish lists.
Editing existing wish lists:
Go to the "My account" tab, to view, edit or delete an existing wish list. You can view or edit a wish list name and description, or remove items from the wish list.
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Retail Loyalty Program

Now you can earn points with each Noorart purchase. Collect points and use them on future purchases. With our Retail Loyalty Program you save money with every order. Best of all, you can enjoy even more of our quality products without breaking the bank. With each purchase made from Noorart, your points are calculated according to certain items, excluding shipping and taxes. Earn while your learn!

You can also earn 20 points for every review you submit. Your opinion is important! Reviews help other customers make the best decisions about the products they buy. You can submit one review for each of the products you have ordered. (Only one review per product, please.)

Program Description:
  • You earn ONE (1) point for each dollar you spend, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • For every TEN (10) points you earn, your account will be credited with ONE (1) dollar, which can be spent on a future purchase.
  • A minimum of 100 points is necessary before you can redeem them.
  • How to Redeem: Log into your account and click on the "Redeem Points" button. Enter the number of redeemable points (10 points = $1) you would like to cash in. You will receive a confirmation email containing a coupon code, which can be applied to a future purchase. Your reward amount will automatically be deducted from the purchase amount.
  • This program is for retail customers exclusively. Wholesalers and schools are excluded from the program.
  • Points earned will be stored in your account. If you forget your password, please use the "forgot my password" link instead of opening a new account. Points earned in one account cannot be applied to any other account.
  • Points are deducted for any returns.
  • Discounted items might not be eligible for reward program, please check item page.
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