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An Authentic Collection of the Qur'anic Information with Maps, Tables and Pictures...

This atlas is new in its subject, a subject that has not been touched before. It helps whoever recites the Qur'an or studies it to specify the locations mentioned by the Noble Verses, and to mark those places of ancient people mentioned in the Qur'an. This is besides locating areas where the incidents of Prophet Muhammad's life occurred. Eventually the diligent reader will easily recognize those places, learn about them, and take heed of them while reciting.

The atlas has also revealed obscure places we used to pass through inattentively, like the site where the Ark of Prophet Nooh settled, the site of the curved Sand-hills (Al-Ahqah), the cave of the young faithful men (As'haab Al-Kahf), the houses of Madyan, the site of Sodom (the people of Prophet Loot) and other places determined by the atlas depending on reliable sources.

Thus the atlas eliminates all the guessing and the fantasies we used to encounter when reciting the Noble Qur'an, and takes us to the specific place.
 more info...
List Price: $23.99
Web Price: $12.00
You Save:
Allah Loves Me
Allah loves me when I am... kind, reading, thankful, thinking, helping, brave, strong, giving... And I Love Allah...
These words are accompanied by vivid illustrations presented by the creative writer Hadeel Al-Abasi. Her words touch children’s senses and thoughts. Allah Loves Me contains positive messages, and aims to create a kindred heart, high spirit and intelligent mind.
 more info...
List Price: $8.99
Web Price: $4.50
You Save:
My Arabic Alphabet Book The Language of the Quran
Learn the language of the Qur'an with My Arabic Alphabet Book! Have fun teaching your child the Arabic alphabets. more info...
List Price: $5.99
Web Price: $3.00
You Save:
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