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Letter Each Day
a magnetic cards , placed in front of the child in a noticeable place , to teach him a different letter each day.
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List Price: $9.99
Web Price: $5.00
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The Traveller from the Heavens is based on a hadith reported by Imam Bukhari in his Sahih al Bukhari and generally known as hadith-e-Jibraeel. In the hadith, an angel comes to the Prophet Mohammad (s) and asks him several questions about Iman, Islam, Ihsan, and the Hour. The Prophet (s) answers all the questions except the last one. After the angel leaves, the Prophet (s) tells his companions: “That was Jibraeel (Gabriel) who came to teach the people their religion.” This is a beautiful new book from Goodword Publications based loosely on that famous hadith. Amidst colorful pictures and enjoyable rhymes, Sr. Nafees Khan describes the hadith in a detailed and fun manner. more info...
List Price: $2.99
Web Price: $1.50
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This series introduces the reader to compound sentences, and is designed so that the beginning reader will become an advanced reader by the end of the series. It is structured to have three-to-four sentences on each page, forming short paragraphs that introduce different subjects such as the calendar, electronic devices, the four seasons, and more. These subjects are thoughtfully written to enrich the reader’s vocabulary and the last story is creatively written to incorporate poetry and prose.

This group contains:
  1. The Clock الساعة
  2. The Seasons الفصول
  3. The Calendar التقويم
  4. Electrical Appliances الأدوات الكهربائية
  5. Months of the Year أشهر السنة
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List Price: $9.99
Web Price: $5.00
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