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Harun Yahya

Born in Ankara in 1956, Harun Yahya is actually the pen name of Adnan Oktar. He chose to write under this name in memory of the two prophets, Harun (Aaron) and Yahya (John), who fought against a lack of faith in their people. Oktar studied Arts at Istanbul Mimar Sinan University and Philosophy at Istanbul University. He began publishing his works in the 1980s, and has since published numerous articles and over 150 books relating to politics, faith and science. He is especially famous for his arguments against evolution and in support of Islamic creationism. Harun Yahya’s books are available in English, French, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, and many other languages. He has is a wide readership in India, the United States, England, Indonesia, Poland, Bosnia, Spain and Brazil.


Learn about the amazing skills of beavers.
List price:  $3.99
List price:  $3.99
Web price:  $3.99
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Tell Me About Creation (Paperback) 
Supports creation and dispels theories of evolution.
List price:  $8.99
List price:  $8.99
Web price:  $8.99
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The Ants 
Discover the fascinating world of Ants!
List price:  $2.99
List price:  $2.99
Web price:  $2.99
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