Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah

Learn to Read Quran

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No one can argue against that learning and reciting the Quran is truly the greatest of deeds. Without a doubt, one of the most important tasks a Muslim should undertake is learning how to read the Quran. The rewards for reciting, learning, and teaching the Quran are countless, for there is no quicker, and more effective, way to get one's good deed's meter running. Therefore, choosing the best program to learn how to read and recite it is an important decision, for one should choose the best, and Al-Qaidah An Noraniah is one of the best programs to learn Quran.

So many have learned Quran by Al-Qaidah An Noraniah, for it eases the pathway to recite Quran properly. This program starts from the very beginning, so even if one has no idea how to read Arabic, they would be able to learn how to read and recite Quran quite well.
This program has been the cornerstone of Quran-learning programs for over 20 years, for it enables its students to recite, using the rules of tajweed. 

Many Qaris (reciters of the Quran) have learned how to recite properly by using this program and applying its methodology. In fact, millions have learned through this program; countless numbers of people have gone from not knowing Arabic at all to being able to recite Quran well, beautifully, and correctly since the rules of tajweed are broken down and taught in a simplified manner.

What Is Taught:
The main goal of this program is mastering the art of tajweed, which includes the makhaarij (or the place the sounds of the letters exit from one's mouth), making it possible to recite Quran independently. In fact, scores of this program's graduates have finished and mastered the program as in as little as six months. The program starts at the beginner's level, which starts with the Arabic alphabet and how to connect the letters. Then, it proceeds to the intermediate level, and then to the advanced level. All things related to correct recitation are learned: Arabic letters, harakat, short vowels, long vowels, words, sukoon, shaddah, along with application of tajweed. There are a total of 18 lessons; each takes an hour for a given student to master.

Your Teacher:
Sheikh Mohammad Ar-Ra'ee is your teacher. His grandfather wrote this program using a well-learned Qari. Ar-Ra'ee also taught classes for tajweed and recitation for over two decades; his students ranged from preschoolers to older adults. He is a certified Qari, for he holds five Ijaazahs (certifications) from Qaris, some of whom have a chain of authentication dating back to the Prophet (PBUH). The following are some of his renowned teachers: Sheikh Hudaify, Ibraheem Al-Akhdar, Mohammad Tamin Aza'bi (Madina), Fath Mohammad, Syed Laacheen, Abdurrahsheed Ar-Ra'ee, Ahmad Ahmad Said, Mohammad Ahmed Ma'bad, and Abdurrahim Al-Ilmi.

Ar-Ra'ee has been a judge at many Quranic recitation competitions for ISNA and GQMA (Global Quran Memorization Academy). In fact, many of his students ranked in the top 10 for many international Quranic competitions that were held in Makkah, Madina, and Dubai. He has one student, Sheikh Abdullah Awwaad Al-Juhany, who is an imam at the Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah.

Contents of the Program:
This series comes with a color-coded textbook that also includes lesson notes, summaries, exercises, tajweed charts with tajweed rules clearly illustrating places of makhaarij. All practices lessons come from actual Quranic verses, along with all print being Uthmani font, which was created by renowned calligrapher Uthman Taha. As stated previously, the program has 18 lessons, which include the practicing of surahs; the lessons build upon each other, enabling easy progression.

Those Who Recommend This Program:
The sheikhs who recommend this program are of the highest standing in the field of Quranic studies:
• Sheikh Abdallah Basfar, the director of the International Quran Memorization Association
• Sheikh Dr. Ayman Assuaid, the well-known student of Uyoon As-Sood
• Sheikh Dr. Lewis Faisal Bali, the former head of the Islamic Department in Saudi Armed Forces
• Sheikh Abdel-Aziz Al-Hanafee, the director of the Glorious Quran Memorization Association in Jeddah
• Sheikh Dr. Ali Badahdah, the Imam and Professor at the King Aziz University
• Sheikh Abdul-Malik Sultan, Professor of Ummu Al-Qura University in Makkah
• Sheikh TaHa, a teacher of Quran at Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah.