Allah and Our World

Guide Your Children to Know Allah Better 

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The single most important thing a parent can teach their child is about Allah. It is by understanding more about the Lord of the universe, the Owner of Heaven and Hell, that a child begins the journey of building reverence.

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya once said, "To love Allah, to know Him intimately, to remember Him constantly, to find peace and rest in Him, to make Him alone the [ultimate] object of love, fear, hope and trust; to base one’s act on His control of His servants’ cares, aspirations and will - such is this world’s Heaven, and such is a blessing with which no other blessing can compare. It is by this that the hearts of those who love God are gladdened and that the agnostics find life. As their hearts are gladdened by Allah, so others are gladdened by them. For whoever finds his source of gladness in God, gladdens all hearts; whoever does not, finds nothing in this world but restlessness."


Truly, knowing Allah is vital for a Muslim child, and how to teach them is also equally as important. The Allah and Our World series is a curriculum specifically for kindergarteners. Appealing to small children takes an understanding of knowing how to and what does. The Allah and Our World series was designed with the young Muslim learner in mind.

The curriculum contains many songs, stories, and illustration that engage Muslim learners. The series has a teacher's book that directs how to use the program effectively with lesson plans. There is also an accompanying CD-ROM that has recitation of the Quran, narrated stories, and songs.

Teach your young children or school's kindergarteners with this spectacular program and reap your rewards in this life and in the next. Sheikh Ibn Tayimiyyah once said, "Truly, there is a Heaven in this world, [and] whoever does not enter it, will not enter the Heaven of the next world." Help your child enter the Heaven of both this world and the next by better knowing Allah.