ICO Islamic Studies

Fulfill Your Duty as a Parent and/or Educator and Teach Your Children or Students About Islam

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One of the first things a Muslim or Muslim child needs to learn is that a good deed has to be accompanied by two things: done with the intention to please Allah and carried out in accordance of the Sunnah or how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us to do or say. Overall, the intention is easy to teach, but teaching about the Sunnah is much more ponderous task. Therefore, we must learn so that we take action properly. The only way to do this is by gaining proper knowledge of Islam.

Allah discusses the lofty status of the knowledgeable in the Quran: "Allah will exalt in degree those of you who believer and those who have been granted knowledge." (Surah Al-Mujaadilah 58:11)

Teaching your children, whether they are young or almost young adults, is vitally important. Therefore, choosing the Islamic curriculum right for you must be one that teaches about Islam in a way that appeals to most of the younger generation these days.

ICO Islamic Studies is the perfect system for teaching grade 1 up to grade 12. Since Muslims' sources of information are the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our set of beliefs and practices are quite clear. The goal of this particular system is to help learners develop spiritually and morally. Another goal of this program is to instill pride in being Muslim for today's youth.

ICO Islamic Studies series is a special curriculum:
First of all, each grade level was developed specifically for that level in an integrated manner, aiming for coherence and making sure all content is age appropriate. Secondly, the most recent scientifically proven educational theories on how to educate grade school children and young adults were applied. In fact, the educators involved in the project used their years of experience and expertise to design the curricula with a specific grade level's needs in mind.

Along with that, the most highly recognized and widely-used techniques and educational aids were used. If that were not enough, after the curricula were developed, the series went through a quality control process that was carried out by specialized committees trained for such a task; their reports were analyzed and use to improve the series prior to its launching. The International Curricula Organization (ICO) prepared the series with three special features, making them especially distinguished: technical-based features, instructional and linguistic features, and educational content.

ICO Islamic Studies' Technical Features:
• The textbooks were closely supervised and applied international quality standards concerning the following publication aspects: colors, paper size, illustrations, and printing.
• Illustrations were specifically designed with a given grade level's educational age and environment in mind.
• The texts were designed to appeal to each target stage by choosing appropriate font style and size, along with colors.

ICO Islamic Studies' Instructional and Linguistic Features:
• The proper linguistic basis was developed with the non-Arabic speaking students in mind.
• Linguistic dictionary includes all that the non-Arabic speaking students would need along with pertinent Islamic vocabulary being emphasized.
• Proper pronunciation is taught so that the learner can recite Quran correctly, with special emphasis given on rules of Arabic language so as to avoid mistakes in recitation.
• This integrated curriculum has scientific content and vocabulary, making it quite well-rounded.
• This series can be used by individuals who have diverse linguistic skills.
• Cultural differences were taken into consideration when this series was developed so that Muslims from any given culture can use it.

ICO Islamic Studies' Educational Content Features:
• Special emphasis was given to develop the student's spirituality, morality, and values.
• Two particular Islamic teachings were reinforced: the principles of forgiveness and how to properly disagree with others.
• One of the curriculum's aims was to help students develop good and balanced personalities.
• Another goal of the curriculum was to enable a young Muslim to develop pride in their Muslim identity.
• Furthermore, the curriculum wanted to enhance a balanced Muslim whose personality is one of moderation in practicing and applying Islamic knowledge.

Today, it is so important to help Muslim children and young adults to be knowledgeable and be proud of their Muslim identity. Undoubtedly, ICO Islamic Studies is the curriculum for you, for it would help your child (whether in 1st grade or in 12th) to practice Islam in such a way that would attract others to follow suit because of their fine example. Let your child be this one such child or let your school's students be such people by using ICO Islamic Studies for your children or school.