Arabic Curriculum for Both the Young and Young at Heart

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With today's global society, now is the time to be fluent in more than one language, and now more than ever, that language should be Arabic. Arabic is the fifth most popular language, and its popularity should continually grow. The Middle East is quickly becoming the focal point of today's political situation, not to mention, a center of commerce and trade. With so many Arab nations pouring resources into development, opportunities are on the rise. If you or your children are planning to learn Arabic, now is the time.

Al-Asas is an Arabic curriculum that caters to all levels and all ages. The program comes in three volumes, starting from the very basics like alphabet and pronunciation to the highest levels of proficiency with the four linguistic skills: reading, conversation, listening, and writing.

Al-Asas was developed with the non-native Arabic speaker in mind; therefore, it can be used for any given nationality. The most up-to-date educational techniques were applied to aid the learning and language absorption process with absolute emphasis on proper use and application of Arabic language.
Al-Asas has a unique approach to grammar in that this linguistic element was tackled from a functional angle, which is why so many have successfully applied their Arabic skills due to this series. The volumes are described below: 


Volume I

This is the Beginner level that focuses on the alphabet and phonetics. It consists of 10 lessons that build on each other which also enables a student to quickly adapt to Arab society. An audio CD is included as an aid that furthers pronunciation and listening skills along with nine appendices.


Volume II

This is described as the Advanced Beginner level. It consists of 15 lessons that naturally progress from Volume I and build upon each other. Much emphasis has been given to dialogue along with focus on the four key linguistic skills: reading, conversation, listening, and writing. An audio CD is included as a learning aid along with six appendices.


Volume III

This is the Intermediate level. It consists of 23 lessons that focus on Arab culture, historical cities, along with references to past civilizations. An audio CD is included as a learning aid, along with six appendices.
If your goal is to learn Arabic, along with Arabic culture, in an effective manner, this is the series fro you.