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The demand for Arabic speakers is high and, as a trend, expected to continue growing higher. Not as many people choose Arabic as a second language so the supply cannot keep up with demand. It is a rich language with a traditional culture that has modern influences. Also, there are incentives to learn a language, especially Arabic since the need for Arabic-speaking individuals is not met. If you are looking for a second language that could take you far career-wise and financially-speaking, Arabic is the one for you. Likewise, if you are a Muslim who wants to further their religion, especially in the respect of knowledge and dawah (inviting others to and teaching Islam), then learning Arabic as a second language is also for you.
To learn Arabic, you need the program that would be right for you. Arabic Between Your Hands is one of the best curricula for a non-native Arabic-speaking adult to learn Arabic.

This program was especially designed to teach Arabic to non-Arabs. Undoubtedly, the science of linguistics has gone far, and Arabic Between Your Hands has adopted all the latest methods so as to enable students to become proficient in Arabic. If you are a beginner, do not worry, for the program starts with the basics of the language. Furthermore, the program progresses so as to enable a student to study in Arabic at a university level.

Programs of the project include the following:
            • compiling an integrated curriculum
            • designing a website
            • producing compact discs
            • producing instructional TV programs
            • producing radio broadcasts
            • conducting highly specialized teacher training courses

There are many outstanding features of this uniquely produced series. Much detail was given to organize the series in a way to progressively learn. All the material is skillfully presented with a variety of texts selected as topics. Drills and exercises were developed especially for the non-native Arabic speaker to grasp the language effectively.

The sound and phonics has been produced so that learners can speak, read, and understand Arabic more easily, especially since an audio CD is included with each textbook. In fact, the Arabic alphabet was composed so that learners can produce at an optimal level with much focus on oral skills at basic levels.

Also, concerning vocabulary, new words are presented in full context. Word lists are conveniently composed so as to include words commonly used in the Arab world, and glossary with expressions has likewise been included at the back of each book.

Grammar structures were presented in such a way so that incorporation, production, and usage could be easily achieved. Since Arabic incorporates male and female genders in its language, much emphasis has been given to ensure this usage. Furthermore, to help the student, a list of grammar structures is included.

Another added bonus is how concepts and cultural aspects common in the Arab world have been presented in an interesting way.

Furthermore, illustrations were specifically developed to aid the visual learner, which includes the vast majority of the population.

There are five main objectives of the series to ensure competency. First of all, emphasis was given to the four following language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Secondly, focus was put on the three following language elements: sounds (phonics), vocabulary (contextual meaning and idiomatic expressions), and grammar structure. Equally as important is that concentration has been put on communication skills along with introducing and familiarizing students with Arab culture, and of course, Modern Standard Arabic is used so as to ensure students being able to learn Classical written and spoken Arabic, which makes adaptation in all Arabic countries possible.

There are many other features of the program. For example, the series includes three volumes (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels). Each level includes a student book, teacher's book, and eight recorded tapes, along with an illustrated Arabic-Arabic dictionary that contains more than 6,000 entries.

This series has experienced much success that over12 universities and institutions have used it and continue to do so with much success.