Bidaya Curriculum

Learn How to Read and Recite Quran Properly.

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Learning how to read Quran is one of the greatest of deeds and achievements for a Muslim. The rewards of reading Quran are immeasurable. For example, there are 10 good deeds written for every single letter one recites, so the rewards are incredible to imagine. One also gains so much insight and understanding of Islam when they are able to read the Quran in Arabic, and not just a translation. Therefore, no matter what age a Muslim is, they should devote themselves to learning Quranic Arabic. If you want to or are contemplating learning how to read Quran properly, then Bidaya Curriculum is for you.

This program was specially designed to teach the learner of Quran how to properly read and recite it, no matter what age they are, and no matter if an Arabic speaker or not.

Bidaya Curriculum was designed to aid the learning and application process with the highest quality audiovisual and sensory learning tools, making learning fun for the student, regardless of age, along with being easy for a teacher to teach.

Bidaya Curriculum has been acknowledged and praised for its state-of-the-art, authentic program by the following well-known scholars and Muslim organizations (just to name a few): 


            • MAS (Muslim American Society)

            • Conservation of the Holy Quran Society in Jordan
            • Shaykh Kurayyim Raajih (Chief Reciter of the Levant)
            • Shaykh Yahya Al-Ghawthani (internationally-renowned Quranic scholar and instructor               at Al-Masjid An-Nabawi in Medinah)
            • Shaykh Waleed Almeneesey (Chief Reciter of USA)
            • Shaykh Hassan Saleh (Shaykh Alqira'at of USA)
              This program has the following features:
            • Emphasis is on reading and not hearing only as a means of memorization
            • This program provides an innovative, yet effective, way to memorize Quran.
            • The skill of writing Quranic manuscript is taught, which aids memorization and                              retention.
            • Mastering the art of pronunciation is taught well.
            • From the very beginning of learning the Arabic alphabet, correct pronunciation                             (tajweed) is emphasized.
            • The problem of non-Arabic speakers using non-Arabic letters is addressed.
            • The art of reciting the Quran in the correct, methodical way is an achievable goal.

This series is ever so special, for many reasons, making it the perfect program to learn Quran. One such reason is the series taking 10 years to develop and was tested at several Islamic schools and Quran programs prior to launch. Secondly, thousands of students from a wide range of ages have not only memorized the whole Quran, but have gone on to teach it and become imams. Also, it takes only 20-25 hours to master the program.

The curriculum can be used by Muslims of all ages, levels of Arabic, and from any given background. The teacher's guide makes lesson planning and teaching easy to do, and the following tools can be used to assist the learning process: workbook, posters, website, app, CD, etc. Furthermore, the lesson methodology consists of the following applications: educational, evaluative, and explanatory.

Each chapter consists of the following:

            • Arabic alphabet and its formation
            • Arabic alphabet with its three vowels
            • Arabic alphabet with tanween
            • Arabic alphabet with sukoon
            • Arabic alphabet with long vowel marks
            • complementary lessons
            • rules of tajweed
            • final test

This program can be taught to a Muslim at any age, any level of Arabic, any knowledge level of Islam, and it can be taught individually or in groups.