Flashcards Are an Effective Visual Aid … Now More Than Ever

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Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." No one could ever argue otherwise, but how can you make education that much more powerful a weapon when in order to be powerful it must be easy to learn as well as be retained? The answer is by using visual aids.

What scientists have discovered is that 65% of the population is visual learners; even though there are other types of learners, this group clearly represents the vast majority of the people, so for anything to be learned must appeal to this large learning style. Study after study has proven this. One such study found that most retain about 10-20 percent of information that is written or spoken, whereas about 65% of information is retained when presented visually. To add to that, 90% of information transferred to the brain is visual, so visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Other studies indicate that visual aids improve learning by a staggering 400% since students are simultaneously stimulating their cognitive abilities along with their imagination. If that were not enough to use visual aids for learners, studies also suggest that 40% of them respond better to visual aids than text alone. So studies prove that visual aids help the overwhelming vast majority of learners to not only learn information but to retain it as well.

Why You Should Use Flashcards as a Visual Aid


Flashcards are not only one of the oldest types of visual aids, but they are one of the best because they are tried and true. Parents and educators have been using them for their children or learners, and the reason they do is that they work.

For one thing, flashcards help to introduce new vocabulary or drill familiar words; they have been used in such a capacity for centuries. By visually seeing a given vocabulary word, a learner automatically associates something visual to the word. Likewise, when reviewing vocabulary, a student or learner is able to recall a given word more quickly. Flashcards engage active recall, which is remembering a given piece of information from scratch, because they help create stronger connections to remembering the piece of information. If as a parent or teacher, your aim is to increase your child's or learners' active recall, you cannot surpass flashcards in this aspect. Active recall is the process of actively stimulating a learner's mind to recall or remember information learned. 

Also, flashcards use mega cognitive skills because they enable learners to think and reflect about what they learn, for when a learner looks at a flashcard, they instantly remember what they had learned more rapidly, thus increasing their self-confidence. In fact, flashcards lend quite easily to confidence-based repetition when used for drilling, and it is through confidence-based repetition that learners' memory skills sharpen to a high degree, and not only do learners' memory skills sharpen, but their confidence likewise increases.

Furthermore, not only are flashcards one of the best visual aids to use for visual learners, but they can be used as in ways that appeal to other types of learners, e.g. kinesthetic learners can be taught by using them in a more physical (involving movement) game, thus appealing to those who learn more effectively this way.

What cannot be argued against is how versatile, inexpensive, and portable flashcards can be because they can be used for almost any given subject, especially learning foreign languages.
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