Horizons in the Arabic Language

Modern Approach to Learning One of the Oldest Languages

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No one can argue against learning a language while young. A younger person can more easily grasp a language and gain proficiency at a rapid rate, and Arabic is the language to learn.

Arabic is one of the most popular languages, and the demand for Arabic speakers is growing, especially with so many focusing on other languages like Spanish, German, and French; there is a definite need for Arabic speakers. The financial opportunities are opening in Arabic-speaking countries, and this is causing a multifold increase in the demand for Arabic speakers. Locals are endeared by those who know Arabic and are always willing to help anyone who can speak it. So, if you are contemplating teaching your children Arabic, Horizons in the Arabic Language is the series for you.


Learning a language can be easy if given the right program. However, proficiency is something that can be a ponderous task. Everyone will tell you to learn while young. Horizons in the Arabic Language builds the best base towards proficiency since it was specifically designed for young learners. Students enjoy the program and gain mastery over Arabic quite easily. The program actively incorporates visual aids and posters, and since most are visual learners, the program has a high success rate.

The program uses a more natural approach to language. First of all, visual aids are used to increase understanding; once students grasp understanding of the language, communication skills are applied. Often question and answer sessions are used which build conversational skills with understanding. As always, vocabulary progresses rapidly with emphasis on building reading skills. Levels build upon each other with progressions at comfortable levels corresponding to grade level. Furthermore, there is exposure to Arabic and Islamic culture; in fact, there are Islamic themes throughout the series with many different approaches to exercises to ease understanding and grasping of language. Along with a handwriting practice book, there is a workbook.

If you are looking for an Arabic curriculum with an emphasis on teaching Islam as well, this is the one for you or your children.