I Love Islam

For Your Young Muslim Child

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." This hadith cannot stress anymore clearly how important knowledge about Islam is in this life. We are put through this temporal life to worship Allah and to see who will be the best in deed. However, the more knowledge a Muslim has and applies, the easier it is for them to enter Paradise, the ultimate goal. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized this point even further by saying, "When Allah wishes goodness for a person, He makes them understand the religion." So, clearly, those who know have a loftier position in the Eyes of Allah than those who don't.

If you are a Muslim parent or an Islamic educator or school, you would want a strong curriculum to teach your children and/or students the sound principles of Islam that are important for anyone to know. The I Love Islam series is an Islamic curriculum for grades 1-5 [it is affiliated with the Learning Islam (for grades 6-8) and Living Islam (for grades 9-12) series]; it is suited for teaching any young Muslims the basics about Islam.

It is so important to build a strong base for a young Muslim as it enables them to take their religion further and give them a great head start in life. Usually, when a child has a strong, sound foundation of knowledge about Islam during their informative years, this leads to a more guided life.

I Love Islam is an Islamic curriculum that teaches young Muslim children about Islam. Each level is aimed to teach and build upon the basics of Islam in a gradual, yet progressive pace. The basics of the faith are introduced and built upon so that Muslim children can easily absorb and grasp the foundations of Islam. Each level was developed with grade appropriateness in mind, which includes both the textbook and workbook. Lessons are planned in the teacher's book that effectively guide instructors/parents how to teach a given subject.

Noorart, along with Islamic Services Foundation, offers three CDs that accompany the textbooks. The audio products that are provided with each textbook include the following:
• We Are Muslim 1 & 2
• Qur'an for Little Muslims 1 & 2
• We Love Muhammad, Part 1, Life in Mecca

The textbooks have the texts and lyrics for these audios. On each CD, there is a reference to the unit and chapter indicated so that it can be followed along in the textbook.

The series covers many important and vital subjects in Islam that provides and builds the foundation for any young Muslim:
• Iman
• Fiqh ul-Ibadat
• Fiqh ul-Mu'amalat
• Qur'an
• Hadeeth
• Seerah
• Islamic character education
• the Muslim world

The series or Islamic curriculum is taught in English. It was developed by modern methodology so as to appeal to today's youth and catering to their learning needs. In general, stories are simple, yet teach an important lesson. The exercises provided in the series creatively engage the young Muslim learner to apply newly gained knowledge.

If you're a Muslim parent and/or educator, this curriculum can help you to achieve your goals of developing young Muslims' knowledge base. Teach your Muslim children/students about Islam and help them to learn this beautiful religion, preparing them for their life's journey and their journey to the Afterlife in a most successful manner.