I Love the Arabic Language

I Love the Arabic Language Series Is for Young Learners

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Now more than ever it is important to teach young children Arabic. Arabic is one of the most popular languages, steadily growing in popularity. With so much of today's political situation focusing on the Middle East, Arabic-speaking individuals will be needed in many capacities to fill in high-demand roles.

As with any language, a child grasps it more easily at a young age, with an ability to speak like a native speaker. So the need for a program to learn Arabic is of vital importance for today's youth. The I Love the Arabic Language series can be just this program to teach your children Arabic.

The I Love the Arabic Language program starts from Pre-K (two levels) and continues to middle school level (level 8 or 8th grade). The series provides an integrated approach to teach non-native Arabic speakers Arabic. Emphasis is on the four linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and eventually writing. This approach has helped many begin speaking Arabic at a rapid and commanding pace. This series focuses on guide-art methods and techniques which are recommended by expert foreign-language instructors. This particular series has applied this approach specifically with the Arabic language in mind. Furthermore, this curriculum has focused on a communicative approach to learning and applying language skills. Critical thinking skills have also been included along with ample opportunities to discuss and introduce Arabic culture in an objective and pleasing manner.

The series has the following supplementary items available for each level: a workbook, teacher's book, and a handwriting book (for levels 2 and 3).

With Arabic speakers becoming in higher demand, along with Arabic being the language of Islam, it could not be more important to teach your young children Arabic language with a program that could enable them to have excellent command and proficiency.