It's All About Islam

For the Muslim Teen in Your Life

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Teenagers are difficult to raise, and this something parents have been complaining about since the beginning of time. However, for Muslim parents, especially in the West, the task of raising teenagers can be even more daunting.

At this time of a person's life, guidance is more important than ever. Usually, a young Muslim is starting to think about many life decisions, and they face many difficulties, and sometimes tempting situations. Teaching or reminding them about how to properly lead one's life to prepare for the next needs to be at the forefront of their mind.

This is why a curriculum reinforcing and teaching about Islam cannot be more important since they need the background and foundation for their life's and next life's journeys. Thus, if you are a parent, educator, or school representative, It's ALL About Islam is what your young Muslim adults or students need, the best Islamic curriculum specifically for young adults.


It's ALL About Islam is a three-level series, especially for middle school students (for grades 6th- 8th), and it was developed with the young Muslim who lives in the West.

It's ALL About Islam uses modern teaching methodologies, so as to appeal to younger Muslims in an engaging and enjoyable fashion. This curriculum's Islamic studies and Quranic lessons are taught in an appealing, yet effective way. 

There are exercises specially designed to engage young Muslims in discussions about Islamic beliefs, history, culture, geography, law, and Muslim achievements; all of these are approached in the perspective of the Muslim living in the West.

In order to make this Islamic curriculum cater specially to middle school students, educators were asked to review and edit so that this age group would be taught in effective manner. Islamic scholars have authenticated this series' lessons regarding the Quran and Sunnah. This Islamic curriculum is perfect for the follow Muslim students: full-time ones, those who attend Islamic classes during weekends only, adult study classes, any young adult interested in Islam, etc.

The series has many outstanding features. First of all, the graphics and images were designed to appeal to middle school students. Each unit lesson has the following Islamic subjects: thinking to learn, vocabulary words, skill builders, questions, and review exercises. Furthermore, all dialogues were designed to be engaging and enlightening with interesting narratives. All Arabic vocabulary words are highlighted and defined in English so as to help the young Western Muslim to grasp the Arabic language; there is a glossary included in each textbook, no matter what level. Included as a bonus, there are supplementary audio recordings that are available on our website.

Also, Quranic verses are referenced in the original Arabic with their meanings in English; this approach of Arabic text, with its English meanings, was applied for hadiths as well. There is also an audio recording available for the Quranic ayats and the hadiths. Another feature of this series is the resource listing of enrichment materials. Likewise, vocabulary words are indexed and included in the glossary. Each textbook also comes with a workbook, so that young Muslim students can apply what they learned.

This series is the series, the Islamic curriculum, for the young teen/adult Muslim.