Juz 'Amma

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Oh, people, I leave behind you the Holy Book (Quran) and the Sunnah. If you follow these in the letter and the spirit, you will never be lost." He (PBUH) said, "The best amongst you is (he) who learns and teaches the Holy Quran."

These noble hadiths are absolute proof that one of the best deeds a Muslim can do is learn Quran and to take it a step further by teaching it to others. There is no faster way to get one's good deed's meter running than by reciting Quran, for every letter of Quran counts as 10 good deeds, so even the bismallah (Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim) that is recited before almost every surah has 19 letters, making it the equivalent of 190 good deeds. Not to mention that the Quran will intercede for Muslims who recite it on the Day of Judgment, the day when we will need all the help we can get, for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Fasting and the Quran will intercede for the slave on the Day of Judgment." 

Furthermore, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "The Quran is an intercessor, and its intercession is accepted, and its plea is believed. Whoever makes it lead him – it leads him to Paradise, and whoever places it behind him, he is dragged to the Fire." 

There are even more hadiths about Allah's Holy Book – all of them evidence of its excellence. Thus, it is so important to memorize Quran, and what most scholars of Quran recommend a Muslim memorizing first is Juz 'Amma (the 30th part or last part of the Quran). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Whoever teaches one verse of the Book of Allah Almighty, he will be rewarded (every time) it is recited." 

Juz 'Amma is filled with many short surahs of the Quran. Most memorize it before memorizing any other part of the Quran. In fact, it is common to have young Muslim children memorizing this part. The ayats are short and light to the tongue, thus making it easy to memorize. 


Juz 'Amma books from Noorart are compilations of the last part of the Quran, especially for English-speaking Muslims who want to memorize it. The Arabic text is presented along with both the English transliteration and English translation. There are at least 13 different programs to choose from – all with similar format.

If you, your children, your loved ones, or students want to learn Juz 'Amma, Noorart has several curricula from which to choose. If you want to learn more Quran, start off with the compilation of easier surahs by starting off with Juz 'Amma.