Learning Islam

The Islamic Curriculum for the Middle School Muslim

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made seeking knowledge an obligation upon every Muslim, so this should make all Muslims realize its importance. However, there are other sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stating the high position the knowledgeable in religion have over those who do not know: "When Allah wishes goodness for a person, He makes him understand the religion." This makes it quite clear that being knowledgeable in the religion of Islam is a means of achieving goodness in all things, including the Afterlife, but it is the following hadith that is clear proof that seeking knowledge is a way to secure Paradise, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah: he said, "Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." These are clear hadiths that show how important knowledge is, for it is not only a means of achieving the ultimate goal, Paradise, it is an obligation upon every Muslim.

As Muslims, we think about this for own selves, the importance of seeking knowledge, but what as Muslim parents? There is nothing that concerns most Muslim parents more than trying to instill to our children the importance of gaining knowledge about the religion of Islam and applying all that is learned. There are Islamic curricula available to teach young children, but there is not nearly as many to teach teenagers. The Learning Islam series is an Islamic curriculum that is specifically designed for students at grade levels 6th-8th.

Learning Islam was developed with the young teen in mind. This series offers Islamic studies geared for this age group. The layout along with the illustrations stimulates the young Muslim as well as enhances the learning process. This Islamic curriculum has a student book that provides lessons that are suited for this age range; it also comes with a workbook that contains exercises and activities that help to emphasize the importance of knowledge, as well as teach, apply, and enhance the retaining of what is learned.

 Also, to further enhance retention and application of knowledge, there are review sections that address this quite well, along with providing an opportunity to analyze and discuss given concepts. This series complements and is a continuation of the I Love Islam curriculum.
Give your young teen or young teenage student the gift of Paradise by giving what could ensure it, the gift of knowledge… Give them Learning Islam, a gift that will forever keep on giving.