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Prepare Your Young Adult for Adulthood with Living Islam

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “There are seven persons whom Allah will shade on a day when there is no shade but His. They are a just ruler, a young person who grew up in the worship of Allah, a person whose heart is attached to the mosques, two persons who love each other and who meet and depart from each other for the sake of Allah, a man whom a beautiful woman of high status seduces but he rejects her by saying I fear Allah, a person who spends in charity and conceals it such that his right hand does not know what his left hand has given, and a person who remembered Allah in private and they wept.”

One particular person deserving Allah's shade that clearly stands out from this hadith is "a young person who grew up in the worship of Allah." This is quite profoundly emphasizes how important it is for a young Muslim to grow up knowing Allah, Islam, and the Sunnah so that they can properly worship Allah, so that they can be blessed with His shade on the Day of Judgment. Being blessed with His shade is what every Muslim wants for themselves and their children, and this hadith subtly emphasizes the point that being knowledgeable in the religion is of vital importance and necessary not only to lead to this but to lead to Paradise in general.

Furthermore, it must be emphasized that being knowledgeable in the religion of Islam is a must, for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that a Muslim must seek knowledge – it's an obligation. It also takes knowledge to know how to act, for no deed is accepted without doing it according to the Sunnah; therefore, one has to have knowledge of the Sunnah in order to carry out a deed correctly that would be accepted by Allah.

Likewise, it is by knowing Allah that a Muslim builds proper fear of Islam to prevent them from doing anything that would make them deserving of Allah's anger. Thus, a Muslim needs to be knowledgeable in the religion to help them in this life and in the next.

This is why a good Islamic curriculum for a young Muslim in the West is a must. Teaching young adult Muslims is even more so. During the high school years, a Muslim can be faced with so many things that could challenge their religion, which is why it is important to educate them to be knowledgeable in Islam so that they have the background to make wise decisions that will help them in this life and in the next.

Living Islam is a series especially designed for the young adult Muslim who lives in the West. It is a continuation of the I Love Islam and Learning Islam Islamic curricula. It furthers the knowledge base of young Muslims and gives them the foundation to help them in the young adult years and beyond.


The curriculum consists of eight textbooks which cover eight courses in Islam. Therefore, this curriculum covers grades 9th-12th and is designed to provide practical application of Islam in everyday life.

If you have high school children or students who need an Islamic curriculum, Living Islam is the one for you. So whatever you are, whether a Muslim parent, educator, school, or learning institution, Living Islam is the Islamic curriculum to help you with your young adult children or students.