Our Arabic Language

How to Learn Arabic and Islam Simultaneously

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So many parents these days are looking for the perfect Arabic curriculum that combines learning Arabic culture with Islam, i.e. Quran and Hadith. Anyone who wants to increase their and their children's knowledge of Islam can do so by becoming an Arabic-speaker, and the best way to become an Arabic speaker is to invest in an efficient Arabic curriculum. However, not all Arabic curricula have a high prevalence of Islamic text (Quran and Hadith) along with values. For any parent looking for an Arabic curriculum with all that, Our Arabic Language is the series for you.

Without a doubt, less and less people are becoming proficient in Arabic as a second or third language, and with more attention being given to the Middle East and North Africa, now is the time to learn it. However, as Muslim parents, we strive to instill Islamic values into our children at every opportunity.


Our Arabic Language combines the best of both worlds as an Arabic curriculum. It was originally designed for native Arabic-speaking child, but it can be used by non-native Arabic speakers. The series starts from the beginning level of learning the alphabet and progresses to high school. Its linguistic focus is mainly on reading, writing, and speaking. Many of the themes of the book stem from an Islamic perspective with a moral and spiritual influence, which most parents find important.
This program is strongly recommended for children with an Arabic and/or Islamic background or schools that aim to teach Arabic as a second language.

Overall, the series features a traditional methodology with its previously mentioned exposure to Arabic culture and Islamic principles. The series is in Arabic only, which enables more reliance on learning the language. All letters have vowels, or tashkeel, which leads to easier adaptation to reading Arabic without as such. The print for the program was chosen for its easy readability and how appealing it is to the eye. The lesson plans are well-organized and easy to follow and carry out.

One particular aspect that most educators and parents like about the program is its strong grammatical lessons. Each level is available in two volumes for an equivalent of two semesters.

Get the best of both worlds if you're looking for a program to teach your children Arabic; invest in what will make them proficient in it, along with teaching Islam.