Posters, the Underrated Visual Aid

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What most educators know is that learners are usually visual ones, which means is that the vast majority learn by seeing. In fact, studies show that a major 65% of the population is a visual learner. This means that most learn best via visual stimulation, techniques, and aids. There are many studies that point to the value of visual aids as a learning tool, and the reasons why they are so effective. One study found that most people retain about 10-20 percent of written or spoken information; however, the numbers sharply rise to about 65% of information being retained when information is presented visually. Furthermore, visuals are processed by the brain at a rate of 60,000 times faster than text, which explains why 90% of information transferred to the brain is usually visual. Also, there are other studies that suggest visual aids improve learning by a phenomenal 400% due to the fact that learners are simultaneously stimulating their cognitive abilities along with their imagination. Likewise, further studies indicate that 40% of learners respond better to visual aids than text alone. Therefore, all of the findings from such studies prove that visual aids help the masses of learners to not only learn information but to retain it as well.

Posters – The Great Visual Aid

What makes a visual aid so great is its value, and what increases the value of a visual aid is how it stimulates the mind to teach or reinforce a concept or idea. Posters, by far and large, are an excellent way to engage learners either by introducing a topic or by keeping the memory of learned material fresh. For a long time, posters have been used as learning aids. However, what most do not appreciate is that although not all learners are visual ones, posters can help aid the learning process of any given topic by being engaging as well as informative. So many teachers will attest how posters intrigue and act as secondary teachers for them. Without a doubt, a well-made poster can speed the learning process by helping students absorb subject matter more quickly.

How often have teachers and students said that images stick in a person's mind and help in active recall. Active recall is the process of actively stimulating a learner's mind to recall or remember information learned. What aids this process is the cleverness of a given poster in the art of design, color, attractiveness, and suitability of information presented. These things lead to a given poster's image staying actively present in a learner's mind.

Another thing that posters achieve is mega cognition skills. What mega cognitive skills are is the set of skills that enable learners to think and reflect about what they learn, for when a learner looks at a poster, they quickly remember what they had learned at a much more rapid pace, thus simultaneously increasing their self-confidence.

Anything that can stimulate a learner's mind is something that would enable them to retain a given piece of information into their memory. When such a thing is achieved, the learning process is eased, with learning and retaining information becoming easier.

Furthermore, a common trend amongst educators is to use posters in interactive activities that engage learners and aid active recall.


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