Give Your Child the Gift of Islamic Education by Helping Them Learn It with Islamic Eduaction - The Right Path

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One of the most important duties as a Muslim parent is teaching our children about Islam. We must take this duty seriously since it is something we will be asked about by Allah. When we spend time teaching our children the religion of Islam, this warms and opens their hearts, guiding them to the straight path, the one that will lead them to Paradise. Knowing and understanding Islam gives a child the tools they need to prepare for this life and the next, without a doubt. Therefore, the single most important duty is teaching our children about Islam, and to do so in an engaging manner.

Islamic Education – The Right Path is a program designed specifically for the young Muslim. It teaches the young learner about Islam in an appealing way by captivating the student's heart and mind. The young learner is intrigued by the illustrations, easy text, and engaging activities.

Several subjects about Islam are taught. One such subject is the pillars of Islam; this is incredibly important 

for a young Muslim to know and understand. Furthermore, many short surahs (or chapters) from the Quran are taught. Hadiths, duas, good manners, and morals are also taught in a way that appeals to young ones. Likewise, simple Islamic history is taught, and these subjects are in the English language, which strengthens such skills. It should be mentioned that the subject matter is taught with modern methodology. Likewise, the layout intrigues the young audience; all text being in large, easy to read font.

If you're looking for a curriculum that would teach your young children about Islam, then Islamic Education – The Right Path would be perfect for you and your family or you and your students, if you are affiliated with a school.

Nothing weighs our scale of good deeds more than teaching others about Islam.