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We've got a Brand New Educational Solid Board Puzzles Line to Help Your Child Learn and Grow!

Have you visited Noorart lately? If not, then you'll want to visit today! We've added a brand new line of educational puzzles to help your child learn in Arabic. Our new line of educational puzzles features a wide range of educational products that introduces your child to the Arabic language and helps him to learn it. Each product offers a different Arabic lesson, whether it's learning colors in Arabic or the Arabic numerals.

Each product is bright, colorful and features illustrations to help keep your child engaged. Best of all, each one is made from quality materials to ensure hours upon hours of unhindered learning.

Come over and visit us at Brand New Educational Solid Board Puzzles section to see our entire range of over 30 different Educational Puzzles. You'll be glad you did and so will your child!

And remember, at Noorart, we pride ourselves on dedication to customer service and the quality of our products. Our team strives to be your best partner in educational learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

The Noorart Team


Transport Domino
دومينوو وسائل المواصلات

Abjad Hawaz
أبجد هوز

Letter Each Day
حرف كل يوم

Number Safari - English

Alphabet Memory
الذاكرة والأبجدية

الشكل والظل

My First Puzzle Aqsa
بازلي الأول - المسجد الأقصى المبارك وقبة الصخرة المشرفة

My First Dictionary - (Arabic English)
قاموسي الأول

Number Safari - Arabic
سفاري الأرقام

Animal Sounds - Arabic
أصوات الحيوانات

Colour Train - Arabic
قطار الألوان

Profession and Tools - Arabic
مهنتي وأدواتي
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Discount applies only to selected titles.