Lighthouse is a catalog of Noorart’s educational products distributed to students throughout the year. Partnering schools also have the opportunity to raise funds to use towards future Noorart purchases with our NooRewards program!

Participating in Lighthouse is as simple as following these three easy steps:

1. Schools provide teachers with copies of Lighthouse to be distributed and sent home with students.

2. Teachers collect students’ orders, including payment, and submit a classroom order before the Order Deadline.

3. Noorart promptly fills the orders, and a bulk shipment is sent within three weeks to your school, along with your school’s NooRewards.

NooRewards is a voucher that is worth 10% of your school’s total order from Lighthouse, and it can be used towards a future Noorart purchase. Use your NooRewards to build your school library or to purchase needed curricula for classrooms.

It’s up to your school to decide how to spend it! Best of all, your NooRewards never expire! As an added bonus, school orders totaling $200 or more qualify for free shipping.

At Noorart, we strive to be your partner in education by providing you with quality products that enhance your students’ learning. We are confident that Noorart’s latest initiative, Lighthouse, will help us take one more step towards reaching this goal!

We invite thoughtful, practical, and inspiring articles to be submitted regularly from our readers.

Please use the following guidelines for submission:

1. should be related to topics in education, including motivation, discipline, youth programs, identity, standardized tests, academic excellence, and others.

2. Well written and edited articles only, using APA guidelines as necessary.

3. 500 words maximum.

Email submissions to:
[email protected]

At Noorart, we strive to be your partner in education. We understand that in any successful partnership, there must be overarching goals, shared responsibilities, and open communication.

iTeach ISLAM is one more way that we hope to create open communication with Islamic educators. We welcome your feedback on how to improve in any of these regards. Email us at [email protected]

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