Dear Valued Educator,

Noorart is excited to announce our new CD: Ana Muslim - I'm a Muslim!

Customers who loved We Are Muslims will be delighted with this new release in the Arabic language. Your kids will recognize the tunes of their favorite nursery rhymes with the added flavor and beat that is distinctly Arabic.

Ana Muslim - I'm a Muslim! contains all the popular songs from We Are Muslims, but with a fresh, new style and easy-to-follow Arabic lyrics. They'll be singing along in the Arabic language in no time. The youngest Muslims will ask for this CD again and again, so make sure you have extra CDs for the home and the car!

Our CDs are a great way to keep the kids happy on the way to school or running errands and a must for a long road trip! But most importantly, Noorart's CDs are proven to build character and Muslim identity. The appealing music and catchy lyrics will keep the whole family entertained - even Mom and Dad will be singing and tapping their toes.

What are you waiting for? Order your copies today!

Track Listings:
  • Introduction
  • Bismillah
  • Allah the Creator
  • Little Star
  • I'm a Muslim
  • Holy Qur’an
  • Say Shahada
  • Wudu
  • Five Pillars
  • Do You Know the Messenger?
  • Muhammad
  • Hajj
  • I Love Allah
  • Allah is One
  • The End
Arabic lyrics...

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I'm a Muslim (Arabic Version Audio CD) أنا مسلم

If you loved We Are Muslims, get ready to tap your feet to a brand, new beat!

Click here to listen a sample of Allah the Creator
Click here to listen a sample of Five Pillars
Click here to listen a sample of Hajj
* This promotion is valid until 8/15/2012.
The Promotion will be applied after we receive your order.
The promotion applies on Schools located in the USA and Canada only.