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The lazy days of summer have finally come to an end. Children excitedly gather their new school clothes and supplies in eager preparation for those first days of school.

While you consider which math and science curricula are best for your child, don’t overlook the importance of Arabic and Islamic studies. We all want our children to become good in these two important topics, so why not let Noorart help in this daunting task.

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Arabian Sinbad - Arabic Language Treasure: Let's Learn Arabic (Kit, 2nd Edition)
سندباد العربي

Educational Cards
البطاقات التعليمية

Playing and Learning English Numbers
العب وتعلم الأرقام

Masha'Allah Birthday Badge (Pink, Age 2)

Juz Amma Sticker Bookmark (2 Bookmarks, 76 Stickers)

Qur'an for Little Muslims (Bundle of 3 CDs)

My First Learning Set (6 Books)
مجموعتي الأولى التعليمية

ICO Arabic Stories 1 (Set, 28 Books with CD-ROMs and One Teacher Guide)
سلسلة القصص التربوية

The Eemaan Reading Series: (Set, 58 Books)

Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth - A Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (2012 Edition)
المورد الحديث

Atlas L106 Electronic Dictionary

Student Dictionary: English - Arabic and Arabic - English
قاموس الطالب
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