It's that time of year again! Fall is rapidly approaching and it's time to think of creative ways to motivate your new students. As teachers, we want to keep up-to-date with the latest publications to capture fresh ideas for the upcoming academic year. Noorart has just what you're looking for!

Our materials feature a wide range of products for every occasion from enriched textbooks, to inspirational activities, CD's, videos, and much more. It's a sure fire way to help your students learn new concepts about Islam while having fun.

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Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

ICO Learn Arabic
تعلم العربية

Gateway to Arabic
مفتاح العربية

ICO Islamic Studies

Living Islam

Learning Islam Series

The Biography of the Noble Prophet Muhammad(s)

Noorart Products

ICO Arabic Stories Level 3
سلسلة القصص التربوية

Atlas L106 Electronic Dictionary

Playing and Learning English Numbers
العب وتعلم الأرقام

Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth - A Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (2012 Edition)
المورد الحديث