Dear Publishers and Authors,

Now you can become part of the fastest growing trend in the publishing industry. By partnering with Noorart, we can help you take advantage of the e-book evolution. Noorart can help you succeed starting today!

Why should you do this?
It's no secret that the cost for publishing an e-book is much less than the cost of publishing a print publication.
The exposure gained from the sale of an e-book is much wider than a print publication since it can be accessed from any place in the world with an Internet connection. An added bonus is that shipping costs and delivery times are made obsolete.
Enjoy a healthy revenue from your e-book. You will get 80% for each title sold.
E-books are environmentally friendly to use because they can be stored on an electronic device, such as a laptop or an e-reader. Most importantly, paper is not wasted in the publication of an e-book.
The best part is that you can still sell your books in the printed format as well. So you've got nothing to lose when selling your titles as e-books.

For more details on how to start selling your titles as e-books click here


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