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Assalamu alaikum! Noorart is here to help you prepare for another exciting school year! We have thousands of innovative ways to motivate students. Noorart has just what you are looking for!.

We mailed you our new 2012-2013 Islamic Curriculums Catalog few weeks ago. If you didn't receive your catalog copy, click here to provide us with your home address to mail you one immediately.

Look for the winner among the ICO (International Curricula Organization) curriculum entries for top-quality Arabic language and Islamic studies materials. Teach language while cultivating humanitarian values with ICO Learn Arabic تعلم العربية, or turn to the ICO Islamic series to transmit Islamic beliefs and identity. To encourage children to read, explore ICO Arabic Stories سلسلة القصص التربوية as a great supplement for Arabic-language textbooks.

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Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

ICO Learn Arabic
تعلم العربية

I Love the Arabic Language
أحب اللغة العربية

The Biography of the Noble Prophet Muhammad(s)

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