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Reading is an important and fun part of the learning process, so make sure you visit our online section of Arabic stories for exciting additions to your school curriculum. To encourage children to read, explore ICO Arabic Stories سلسلة القصص التربوية as a great supplement for Arabic-language textbooks.

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Qur'an for Little Muslims (Bundle of 3 Audio CDs)

ICO Arabic Stories 3 (Set, 20 Books with CD-ROMs)
سلسلة القصص التربوية

I'm a Muslim (Arabic, Audio CD)
أنا مسلم

Arabic Alphabet Blocks

Numbers Board
لوحة الأرقام

Arabic Alphabet Connecting Board

Thank You Allah (Music Version, Audio CD)

Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth - A Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (2012 Edition)
المورد الحديث

A Treatise on Hijab & A Compilation of Questions Pertaining to Family Matters

Dabdoub Adventures Series (4 Books, Arabic - English)
مغامرات دبدوب

Rowdah's Rainy Day

Flying High Party Invitation

Step by Step Stories – The Neighborhood: Level 2 (5 Books)
قصص خطوة خطوة

Word, Word Series (7 Books): Level 2
كلمة كلمة كلمة كلمة

I Read, Reading is a Treasure: Level 3 (4 Books)
أنا أقرأ فالقراءة كنز
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