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The Noorart Team is pleased to announce our new "Retail Loyalty Program"! Now you can earn reward points for each one of your purchases. The points can be used for future purchases so that you can enjoy even more quality Islamic educational products. You earn points based on your final bill of sale for each purchase, excluding shipping charges and taxes. Here's how it works:
  • Earn ONE (1) point for each dollar you spend, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • Earn TEN (10) points and your account will be credited with ONE (1) dollar.
  • A minimum of 100 points is necessary before you can redeem them.
  • To redeem points, log into your account and click on the "Redeem Points" button.
  • Enter the number of redeemable points (10 points = $1) you would like to cash in.
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Color Digital Qur'an EQ509

Qur'an for Little Muslims (Bundle of 3 Audio CDs)

Arabic Letters Cubes
مكعبات الحروف العربية

Arabian Sinbad - Arabic Language Treasure: Let's Learn Arabic (Kit, 2nd Edition)
سندباد العربي

5 PILLARS Board Game

Number Safari - English

When the Moon Split (Hardcover, Old Edition)

Beloved (Audio CD)

Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth - A Modern Dictionary English-Arabic (2013 Edition)
المورد الحديث 2013 إنكليزي - عربي / مع لوحة

Batrooq, Arnoob, Dabdoob and Khaldood (12 Books)
سلسلة بطروق و ارنوب ودبدوب وخلدود

Noorart Productions (Set, 1 Book, 7 Audio CDs and 1 DVD)

ICO Arabic Stories 3 (Set, 20 Books with CD-ROMs)
سلسلة القصص التربوية